We are one of the best producers of Onions in Mexico

We distribute our products to wholesale to different states of USA and México

Our products are selected under strict inspection and Quality Control

Almacén del Norte is a family company 100% Mexican, dedicated to the production, sale and distribution of fresh vegetables in Mexico and USA, which for more than 25 years has expanded it’s market due to the preference of the customers, without leaving aside the great support and collaboration of the work team. Making is us one of the main distributors of onions in markets of the region.


Meeting the needs of our customers with high quality products, providing excellent customer service with efficiency, making us your best supplier choice


To be a leading company in the regional, national and international market in the import, export, sale and distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables.


The idea was born in 1990 and has worked since then on the wholesale trade of fresh fruits and vegetables; onion has always been our morn product. We had the vision to establish in Tijuana Baja California. And already whit a customer portfolio in baja and southern states in MX. we decided to introduce ourselves in supplying the self-service markets in the region.

In 2007, Almacén Del Norte was formally established, something that was required for its expansion abroad and greater coverage all around USA and Mexico. From the beginning it has preserved its name without being modified, since it is a company is supported by its prestige and high quality products.

Our History

Almacén Del Norte

"Our main product is
white and red onion "


Our main focuses are Basic consumer products, among them we can highlight the onion, our number one product, hence we have an endless variety of vegetables and seasonal fruits, and this depends on the requirement of our customers.


High Quality Onion

We harvest only the best white and red in our crops in which the top quality is guaranteed, we have crops on different parts of the country making us one of the main distributors in markets of the region.

We export our products
We count on satisfied customers with our production.



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